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Clothing Shop Window

Window   Graphics 

Transform store front windows with eye-catching images and advertising. The see-through material creates the illusion of an opaque design for passerbys without blocking light entering the store.

Window Perforated Vinyl

Material is for one-time use. It cannot be moved after removing from the initial surface. Remove the adhesive back and place the graphic on the outside of the window. Before placement, ensure the graphic is completely dry and on a clean, flat glass surface.

For installation or further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. 

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More About window graphics

Adhesive perforated vinyl, also known as window graphics, is a type of material that is applied to glass surfaces to display graphics or advertisements. It is a vinyl material with small perforations that allow light to pass through while still providing a visible surface for printing.

Window graphics can be a highly effective marketing tool, especially for businesses that have storefronts or office spaces with large windows. They can be used to promote a business's products or services, highlight a sale or promotion, or simply to create a visually appealing display. Window graphics can also be used to provide privacy or to block out unwanted sunlight.

The effectiveness of window graphics in absorbing customers can depend on a variety of factors, including the design of the graphics, the location of the window, and the target audience. A well-designed and strategically placed window graphic can attract the attention of passersby and potentially draw them into a business.

However, it's important to note that window graphics alone may not be enough to guarantee increased foot traffic or sales. Other marketing strategies, such as social media advertising or email marketing, may also need to be utilized in conjunction with window graphics to create a comprehensive marketing campaign.

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