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Printing on plastic instead of paper can offer several benefits depending on the specific application. Some advantages are durability, Flexibility, Colour vibrancy, Sustainability, and tamper-proofing

Overall Printed plastic products are much more durable than paper to ensure your first impression lasts longer.

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Paper Type:    
14pt Plastic Stock (White and Opaque)


No Coating


Full-colour CMYK: 1-sided (4/0) or 2-sided (4/4)


Ranges from 25 to 5,000


3.5” x 2” (firm size)


Cut to size and box. Rounded corners are optional.


File Type:    
Print Ready PDF file

Plastic Prints
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More About Plastics Prints

Printing on plastic instead of paper can offer several benefits depending on the specific application:

- Durability: Plastic materials are generally more durable than paper and can withstand harsh environments, such as exposure to water or extreme temperatures. This makes printing on plastic a good choice for applications that require long-lasting or weather-resistant labels, signs, or packaging.
- Flexibility: Plastic materials can be more flexible than paper, allowing for the creation of unique shapes and designs. This can be particularly useful for printing on plastic films used for packaging or creating 3D objects using 3D printing technology.
- Colour vibrancy: The ink used for printing on plastic can often produce brighter, more vibrant colours than the ink used for printing on paper. This can be useful for creating eye-catching graphics or marketing materials.
- Sustainability: Some types of plastic used for printing, such as PLA, are biodegradable and made from renewable resources. This makes printing on plastic a more sustainable choice than printing on traditional paper.
- Tamper-proofing: Printing on plastic can provide an added level of security and tamper-proofing for important documents or products. Plastic materials can be more difficult to alter or manipulate than paper, making them a more secure choice for applications requiring higher protection.

Of course, printing on plastic may also have some drawbacks, such as higher costs or limited recyclability, so it's important to consider the specific needs of each application when deciding whether to print on plastic or paper.

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