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Aluminum Signs

Expand your product selection with custom-printed aluminum signs. With this outdoor metal signage, your clients will be able to communicate important information.

Aluminum Signs

Print custom metal signage for the outdoors on this durable aluminum with a matte surface for reducing glare.

- Pre-painted bright white front and bare aluminum (mill finish) back
- Optional rounded corners for added safety
- Optional drill holes for easy installing


Durable Outdoor Signage
These signs are perfect for outdoor use thanks to aluminium's strong, waterproof qualities that help them withstand the elements.

Rounded Corners
Rounded corners on metal signs help them look more professional and protect people from getting hurt by the corners in potential accidents.

Optional Holes
Drilling holes into the aluminum sign makes it easier to install. These 3/8" holes can be centred on the top and bottom, on all four corners, or on the top corners only.

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More About Aluminum Signs

Aluminum signs are used for a variety of purposes thanks to their durability, versatility, and weather resistance. Here are some common uses for aluminum signs:
- Outdoor advertising: Aluminum signs are a popular choice for outdoor advertising due to their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. They can be used for billboards, building signs, construction signs, directional signs, and more.
- Traffic signs: Aluminum is a commonly used material for traffic signs because of its durability and reflective properties, which make them easy to see in low-light conditions.
- Safety signs: Aluminum signs are often used to convey safety messages in industrial and commercial settings. They can be used to warn of hazards, indicate emergency exits, and promote safe practices.
- Wayfinding signs: Aluminum signs are also commonly used for wayfinding in public spaces such as airports, hospitals, and shopping malls. They can be used to indicate directions, provide information, and help people navigate complex environments.
- Real estate signs: Aluminum signs are often used for real estate signage due to their affordability, durability, and lightweight nature. They can be used to advertise properties for sale or rent and provide directional information to potential buyers.


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