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Poster on Wall

Foam board

A lightweight sign, ideal for the indoors.

Standard Pull up Banner

Featuring a matte finish that softens glare, these Pull Up Banners include a durable standard frame.

Foamboard (1).jpg

Paper Type    
4mm Foam Core

No Coating

Full-colour CMYK: 1-sided (4/0), 2-sided (4/4) same image or 2-sided (4/4) different image.

Ranges from 1 to 200

6"x24"       6"x32"     6"x36"      12"x12"      12"x16"      12"x18"       12"x24"      12"x36"      12"x48"      18"x24"
24"x24"    24"x32"    24"x36"     24"x48"      25"x37"      32"x48"       36"x36"      36"x48"    48"x48"     
Cut to size. Grommets are optional.

File Type( If your file is ready)   
Print Ready PDF file sent to:

Special Instructions     
Please Note: Though very rare, we may print your signs at 99.4% of the original size to ensure that we are able to include cut marks for proper finishing and trimming. We may also remove the bleed.

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More About Foam Boards

Foam boards are lightweight, flat boards made from polystyrene foam, also known as foam core boards or poster boards. They are typically used for a variety of art and craft projects, signage, and displays. Foam boards come in various sizes, colours, and thicknesses and are often covered with paper or plastic film to enhance their durability and appearance. 

Printed foams have a wide range of uses in marketing.

Signage: Printed foam boards are often used for temporary or permanent signs in retail stores, offices, trade shows, and events. They are lightweight, easy to mount, and can be printed with vivid colours and high-resolution graphics.

Advertising: Printed foam boards are also popular for advertising campaigns. They can be used for point-of-sale displays, window graphics, and in-store promotions. They are cost-effective, easy to install, and can be custom designed to fit any marketing message.

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