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Google launched a brand new transparency tool called the Ads Transparency Center, which will be a fully searchable repository of the global ads served by verified advertisers.

Based on the Report, Google:

- blocked or removed over 5.2 billion ads for violating its policies. That's more than 9,000 ads per minute.

- restricted over 4.3 billion ads.

- suspended more than 6.7 million advertiser accounts for egregious policy violations. This represents an increase of 2 billion more ads removed in 2022 from the previous year.

- removed ads from over 1.5 billion pages last year.

- added or updated 29 policies for both advertisers and publishers in 2022.

"About this page" is a new Search results page experience. Now when you search for a URL on, the "About this page" will appear below the top navigational results on the Search page. It provides quick, important context about the webpage you searched for to help you evaluate the credibility of the page.

"About this result" will now be available to all Canadians. The feature lets you quickly find more context about the sources and topics you’re searching for. This includes information like a description of the source (if available), when the site was first indexed, and whether your connection to a site is secure. You’ll see Information about some of the factors used to connect a result to the query and whether a result is personalized for you.

"Fact-Checking Fund (GNI)" Google and YouTube in last November announced a $13.2M grant to the International Fact-Checking Network to provide indirect funds to 135 fact-checking organizations across 65 countries covering 80 languages. The fund will open very soon, building on our previous work addressing misinformation.

In 2022, Google added or updated 29 policies for advertisers and publishers. “This included expanding the financial services verification program to 10 new countries, expanding protections for teens and strengthening elections ads policies.

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