Lessons learned from the global epidemic experiences for the 2022 marketing roadmap.

According to Forrester’s Canada 2021 Customer Experience Index, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, customer experience quality among Canadian brands remained stable. Based on the report, nearly 90% of brands’ CX quality remained stable or improved during the pandemic. This was an achievement for them when the pandemic changed customer behaviour, needs and expectations in unprecedented ways.

CX Index data further reveals that emotion remains core to brands’ CX success: Elite brands provide nearly four times more emotionally positive customer experiences, such as feeling appreciated and respected, which are critical to boosting loyalty. For example, among customers who felt valued in the retail industry, 85% plan to stay with the brand, 82% plan to increase spending with the brand, and 85% advocate for the brand.

The pandemic demonstrated that brands must differentiate themselves by recognizing human emotions. Even a minor improvement to a brand’s customer experience quality can add a lot of loyal purchasers.

The pandemic crisis proved the importance of a stable online commerce solution in the Canadian market. It showed business owners the essential need to compete for customer loyalty, prepare suitable channels, focus on customer’s experience and be ready for any scenario.


  • Forrester’s Canada 2021 Customer Experience Index

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